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Product Name: cariin
Supply Ability: 1000KGS
Specifications 20%HPLC
Price Term: FOB
Port of loading: Beijing
Minimum Order 25KGS
Unit Price: $290/KG
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Shaanxi Sharedherb Biotech Co.,ltd
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Series of standared herbal extract
Marigold extract lutein 5%-98%HPLC
Epimedium Leaf extract Icariin 10%-98%HPLC
Kelp Extract Fucoxanthin10%-40%HPLC
Haematococcus Pluvialis Extract Astaxanthin3%HPLC
Valerian Root Extract Valeric Acid 1%HPLC
Gymnema Sylvestre Extract 50.0% HCA HPLC
Konjac Extract Glucomannan 90% 95%
Olive Leaf extract Oleuropein 40%,80%UV
Tomato extract lycopene 5%-98%HPLC
Grape seed extract procyanidin 95%UV
Cyanotis Arachnoidea extract Ecdysterone 95%UV
Soybeen extract isoflavone 40%HPLC
Garlic extract Allicin 3%HPLC
Ginkgo leaf extract Ginkgo Flavonol Glycosides 24%HPLC
Echinacea herb/root plant extract Pholyphenol 4%UV
Saw palmetto fruit plant extract Total Fatty Acids 25%,40%GC
Ginseng root plant extract Ginsenoside 80%UV
St. Johns Wort herb extract Hyperforin 3% UV
Black cohosh rhizome plant extract
Cranberry fruit plant extract Anthocyanidins 95%UV
Valerian root plant extract Valeric Acid 1%HPLC
Milk thistle fruit plant extract Oleuropein40% HPLC
Evening primrose oil
Kava rhizome plant extract
Bilberry fruit plant extract
Grape seed plant extract Procyanidin 95%UV
Yohimbe bark plant extract Yohimbe¬†HCl 8%Ôľ?8%HPLC
Green tea leaf plant extract Tea polyphenols 95% UV
Ginger rhizome powder/extract
Aloe vera extract
Spergularia purpurea extract
Eclipta alba (False Daisy) extract
Hibiscus flower extract

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